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5 effective staging tips to make your home sell

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Staging is an essential step in getting a home ready to sell. Proper and thoughtful staging allows you to create more inviting and more interesting living spaces. It can liven up the ambience of your main living areas and it can even make rooms appear larger and more pleasant.

A well-staged home can justify a higher asking price, as well as get attention faster than competing listings on the market. If you are wondering how to start staging your home, try these tips:

  • Detach yourself from the property

    Don’t let your emotions get in the way of selling your property. As soon as your home goes on the market, treat it like a product that you have to prepare to attract attention from buyers.

    But even before you list your home, take time to declutter and depersonalize the property. Clear out any personal items and décor so you can create a neutral atmosphere where buyers can visualize themselves as the home’s owners and primary occupants.

    If you want to decorate and accessorize, do so wisely. Add a few pieces that liven up your rooms without being too distracting. Examples include house plants, a bowl of fresh fruit, and a few attractive coffee table books.

    You can also accessorize your bathroom with clean, white towels and a scented candle or two. For your dining area, prepare a tidy and inviting table

  • Boost your curb appeal

    Sometimes buyers can tell whether they are interested in a home within the first 30 seconds of seeing it. How? By judging the first thing they see – the exterior of the home.

    Always aim to make a great first impression, especially when requests to view your home start coming. Make small repairs and upgrades to enhance
    the outside appearance of your home. Revive the walls with a fresh new coat of paint or stain, replace or update outdoor light fixtures, mow the lawn or plant fresh flowers, and repair cracks on your driveway and footpaths.

  • Keep your living spaces flowing

    You might not realize it right away, but you may have more furniture than you need in one or more rooms. Clear out excess pieces that can cramp your living spaces. You may also consider renting new furniture if your current pieces appear worn out.

  • Clean like you’ve never cleaned before

    Treat the home as if royalty was coming for a visit. Sweep and mop the floors from corner to corner. Vacuum every nook and cranny. Dust off the lampshades and light bulbs. Lay out crisp, fresh linens on the beds. Don’t forget to clean your baseboards, windows, and mirrors to a shine.

    Tidy up your cabinets and closets, too. Modern home buyers are typically concerned about storage so make those features presentable.

  • Use neutral colors

    If you are planning to repaint walls, use soft neutral tones. Bold colors can distract from the better qualities of any given room. Splashes of color are best used as accents that add texture to a living space – and only in small doses.

In addition to these tips, remember that you shouldn’t be afraid of getting help if you are not sure about the best staging choices for your home. Hiring a professional stager is one of the best investments you can make to boost your home’s value.

Reach out to me, Anne Dresser Kocur, for more expert advice on how to sell your Colorado home. Call me at 303.229.6464 or email adresser(at)livsir(dotted)com.

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