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6 Renovations that will add value to your home


Whatever plans you have for that house you bought whether you’re planning to stay in it for a long time, remain there for just a few years, or you’re reselling it you need to know the renovations that will increase your homes value the most. Comparing cost versus value will determine if the home remodeling endeavor is a worthy investment.

These 5 renovations are sure to add value to your home, as well as provide a more comfortable space for your family and guests.

Increase light and space

Open floor plans are unanimously preferred by homeowners. Therefore, renovations that provide larger spaces and more light will increase your home’s appeal to most buyers. Removing walls is one way to expand spaces, vaulted ceilings create the illusion of more space, and skylights can flood your home with natural light.

Update your kitchen

Families spend a lot of time gathered in the kitchen and dining area, so remodeling your kitchen will increase your home’s appeal with a more modern feel. Be cautious when deciding on specific kitchen renovations, however. For instance, choosing granite or marble countertops can be quite expensive, so you want to ensure that you can recoup that money. Also, updating appliances can add to energy efficiency. Installing a window above the sink can also provide more light.

Landscape and curb appeal

Curb appeal is the first impression of a home and sets the tone for visitors’ overall experience. To increase curb appeal, ensure that exterior paint and details are in tip-top shape, that the driveway is properly paved, and that any yard space is well-maintained. Unless you have a green thumb, it’s a good idea to consider low-maintenance plants with tame growing habits. If you have a deck, invest in some appealing furniture that fit the interior design of your home, and add some container plants for color and texture.

Update or add bathrooms

If your bathrooms are outdated, it will be a turnoff for potential buyers. In addition, not having enough bathrooms can cause unwanted inconveniences. These can be avoided by updating fixtures to either match current trends or provide classic design. Adding even a half bath will also provide enough extra convenience to make a difference.

Create an office space

More people are choosing to work from home, and more companies are offering this option. If you have extra space, consider converting the space to a home office that includes data ports. Also, ensure there is plenty of natural light by installing a window or skylight.

Deck Addition

The appeal of a comfortable outdoor space will never go out of style. If you don’t have a deck attached to your home, it might be wise to consider adding one. When adding a deck, find ways to include unique features such as built-in benches, a fire pit, or an attached grill and grilling space. Also, make sure to use higher grade materials that will last and reduce maintenance investments.

There are many possible renovations for a home, but these 5 types of renovations are the ones that will provide the most bang for your buck in terms of return on investment.

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