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4 Winter Decorating Tips

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Have you ever brought home a holiday decor collection that didn’t quite match-up with your intention?

A quick trip to the store for a few “basics” can easily turn into an overload of options that leave you feeling lost with what you need and what will look good in your home.

Americans spent roughly 20% of their holiday budgets on non-gift items like food and decorations in 2019. According to the National Retail Federation, spending on winter decorations has consistently increased over the past decade.

Learn how to spend your decoration budget wisely and have your home looking like it should be featured in Elle Decor with these key tips.

Think Outside of the Gift Box
Bright reds and greens can look beautiful in some homes but can be hard to pull off in others. For example, if you have a minimal home with a neutral palette or a midcentury modern with curvy furniture and bright magentas and burnt oranges, how can you make holiday decor look good? The key is to throw away any preconceived notions about what holiday decor has to be.

Choose a General Theme
We say the word “theme” lightly. You don’t need to be extremely literal if you don’t want to be. If you have an earthy, boho vibe throughout your home, sticking to natural decor like a bowl of pinecones and dried oranges, wood accents and adding some greenery of pine and fir is a way to stick to your home’s general aesthetic. If you have a mid-century modern home, consider looking into the types of decorations that were popular during that era, like a silver or white artificial tree.

Invest In Smart Lighting with Multi-Color Capabilities
Unless you’re getting holiday lighting installed professionally, doing it yourself can be a tough job. Storing lights can take up a lot of space, and traditional string lights can require a lot of energy to glow. Instead of traditional lighting, consider investing in smart LED lighting with color control capabilities for your interior and exterior lighting. That way getting in the holiday spirit can be as simple as tapping the screen of your smartphone.

Change-Up Some AccentsYou don’t have to saturate your space in knick-knacks to make a winter statement. Consider swapping out a few easy accent pieces like throw pillows and blankets, candle holders, plants and vases, bowls, frames and a statue or two for more festive pieces. For example, swap out the normal fruit you have on display in a basket with clove spiked oranges, pomegranates, and winter greens. Or add winterberries or pine branches to a vase instead of flowers during this season.

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