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Bathroom Lighting Done Right

Bathrooms generally receive the least amount of attention when it comes to lighting. Some may only have a single overhead light and nothing more. If you want to get the most out of your bathroom, take steps to improve the lighting. Whether you’re getting ready for the day or looking for a refuge from the bustle of everyday life, a bright and airy bathroom can be a big help.

Here are a few tips on how you can improve the lighting in your bathrooms.

Aim for maximum natural light

One of the best things you can do, if possible, is to maximize the amount of natural light that comes into your bathroom. After all, natural lighting is how you’ll be seen when you leave your house. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that natural daylight can improve your mood. Nothing can perk you up better, especially on the first hour of your day.

Make sure your overhead and task lighting are adequate

For a brighter bathroom, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have sufficient overhead and task lighting. Start by adding lights mounted or recessed lighting on the ceiling. Then work on lighting up the vanity with sconces or fixtures around the mirror.

Select the right bulbs

Another important consideration is the type of light bulbs to use. LED lights are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. In addition to the energy savings they offer, they have a minimalist look and can help add a modern touch to your bathroom. A 2700K LED bulb provides as close to natural light as you can get. In overhead fixtures, it’s recommended that you use 75 to 100 watts (or the equivalent) for optimal lighting, although this depends on several factors, including the age of the users, the size of the room, and others.

Use dimmers

As the right amount of lighting can vary and be subjective, it’s highly recommended to install dimmers. That way you can adjust the brightness depending on your need or your mood. For example, bright light in the mornings is important for getting ready. However, they can be too harsh when you’re using your bathroom to relax. Dimmers allow you to get the right level of lighting for different purposes.

Pay attention to the direction of the light

It’s not advisable to add light above the mirror as it can cast shadows on your face and make you look older – not the kind of reflection you need when shaving or putting on make-up, or if you simply want to feel good about yourself. The ideal lighting position is from behind you or vertically from both sides of the mirror. Avoid asymmetrical lighting, which can result in uneven illumination. You should also avoid using clear bulbs, which can result in shadows. Choose opaque bulbs for better results.

Don’t forget the shower or tub

The shower or tub area needs to be well lit for safety reasons. Sufficient lighting directly overhead is best as it is the safest option. For a tub, place one light over each end. For showers measuring 3-by-3 or 3-by-4 feet, one light is sufficient. If your shower is larger, however, additional light may be needed.

The right lighting in your bathroom can make all the difference. If you’re planning on selling your home, this can be an attractive feature to potential buyers. For more tips and expert help in selling your home, contact me, Anne Dresser Kocur, at 303.229.6464 or send me a note here.

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