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Making the Most out of Staying at Home in a Pandemic

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Let’s face it: there is nothing cool about being cooped up at home, pandemic or not. Imagine the places you could go to, the people you could meet, and the haircut you could have.

The facts are clear

The reason behind being forced to stay at home is no laughing matter at all. The whole world is grappling with an unseen yet deadly enemy in the guise of this novel coronavirus.

What’s even worse is that COVID-19, the disease spawned by this coronavirus, is literally lurking just outside our doors. Colorado has already registered more than 17,000 cases as of May 5, according to the state’s official website. And even while Gov. Jared Polis has announced that he is not extending the order for residents to stay at home, the advisory to do so is still in place.

What to do

While the danger of infection is still there and with no cure yet on the horizon, protecting your family from getting the disease is paramount. And the best way to do that is through social distancing and staying indoors. But what is there to do when you are now left with time in your hands and a family getting bored with every minute of staring at the walls of your home?

Here are some ideas to try:

  • Learn something new. Many people suddenly discovered their inner chefs while being stuck at home. Others discovered the joy of writing journals or learning a new language. Think out of the box and see what new things you can be capable of.
  • Dance and sing. There’s no better opportunity to exercise one’s windpipes with the rest of the family than in an evening karaoke session. YouTube has an infinite number of songs you can sing to. But if dancing is more your thing then you can bust some awesome dance moves, either in the privacy of your room or with family members. Just remember to keep the volume at reasonable levels so that the neighbors won’t complain.
  • Look through old family photos. Is that Dad during prom night in that crazy mullet hairstyle? And aww…wasn’t that dress on your eldest daughter so cute during her second birthday? Family bonding is at its best when looking through old photos and reminiscing years past.
  • Get artsy. Sometimes, investing in boxes of crayons, coloring books, pens, colored pencils, and other art supplies can be the best anti-boredom investment you can ever make. Don’t just let the kids have all the fun – take part in it, too.
  • Return to a long-forgotten hobby. There’s that pile of wood in the shed that you bought way back. You were planning to make a nice coffee table out of it until life happened. With time in your hands, you can now resume this project – or any other project that you kept in the wings.
  • Go on virtual tours. Who says you can’t travel during quarantine season? You actually can – online. There are a number of virtual tours that you and your family can embark on. Try visiting via webcam several popular tourist spots that are now quiet due to travel restrictions. Or go on this tour of several world-class museums for a bit of culture.

Pandemic or not, I’ll still be here to help you reach your real estate goals in Denver, Highlands Ranch, and surrounding areas. I’m Anne Dresser Kocur – call me at 303.229.6464 or send me a note here.

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