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The Best Paint Colors for a 2020 Home Makeover

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Now that the recent pandemic has kept most people at home to protect themselves from the spread of the coronavirus, there is more time to embark on a home project. How about a DIY home makeover?

Among the simplest home upgrades you can undertake is to repaint the walls of your house. Nothing brings the feeling of rejuvenation more than fresh coats of paint.

Whatever your reason is for repainting, know that the colors you choose will have an impact on your home’s market value. This is why we recommend that you choose your colors well. And what better way to know the best colors to use than by taking the advice of expert interior designers? They have spoken on the winning hues for your home this 2020. Here are some of their recommendations:

Pantone’s color of the year to define home color trends

Chosen for “instilling calm confidence, and connection,” classic blue is the coolest option to make, according to the Pantone Color Institute. This subdued pigment exudes elegance in its simplicity and is “suggestive of the sky at dusk.”

This is the perfect color to choose due to its calming effect in the light of these uncertain and stressful times.

Pink isn’t just feminine

Observed lately as a dominant color in many upscale restaurants, shops, and hotels, pink is the biggest neutral color these days for a posh vibe. Too feminine, you might say? On the contrary – blush pink is the color of choice in combination with warm jewel tones like ruby red or amethyst purple. No wonder it’s a hit with millennials, both male and female alike.

A pop of color

In case your front door or a small enclosed space in your home needs repainting, consider burnt orange for an instant pop of color. It calls attention and it’s a great accent color to combine with almost any of the neutrals. Just don’t use it too generously on every wall and item in your space.

Dark shades – the new neutrals

Believe it – people are painting their spaces in dark shades these days as these bring in a certain feeling of peace and comfort. Black comes in as the top-ranking preferred neutral, followed by sage green and navy blue, according to a survey made among designers. Bring these highly pigmented colors into your bedroom or study for that bold yet tranquil vibe.

Beige returns with a vengeance

Out with the grays, in with the beige hues among the standard neutral colors! Beige makes a rousing comeback this year, inspired by the return to natural earth and wood colors. More specifically, a beige shade bordering on blush pink will be the order of the day to exude that chic, updated look.

Taking your home to the next level through a well-planned paint job makes sense, especially if you intend to sell it in the long run. Whatever your real estate plans are, our team and I will be here to listen and guide you. I’m Anne Dresser Kocur, your Denver, CO Realtor. Call me today at 303.229.6464 or send me a note here.

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