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The worst home renovations for your money

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The beautiful thing about home renovating television shows is that they’ve inspired homeowners to look into making improvements on their own property. The bad thing about them, however, is that they’re somewhat misleading. Not every renovation is going to pay for itself or improve your property value. Here are six of the worst home renovations you can make for your money.

  1. Adding a sunroom

    Adding a sunroom to your home is one of the most expensive remodeling jobs you can undertake. This is because it requires expanding on your foundation, which becomes pricey very quickly. If you’re looking to add a sunroom for your own personal use, the cost might not be an issue. But it isn’t very likely to increase the value of your home.

  2. Upgrading maintenance systems

    Making certain upgrades to your home before you sell it can sometimes increase its value but upgrading things like HVAC and other maintenance systems does not. The problem is twofold: the systems themselves are very expensive and thus an upgrade can be very steep. Second, unlike upgrading a shower or stove, the new homeowner won’t be spending a lot of time with these systems. As long as your HVAC is working properly, that should be all that’s needed.

  3. Installing an in-ground swimming pool

    Swimming pools are a luxury item, and while they’re certainly nice to have on hand during hot days, they don’t do much for buyers. They cost a lot to install (with $15,000 being on the low end of the scale), require a ton of labor to build, and are costly and time-consuming to maintain. Buyers, too, tend to look at pools as something of a chore instead of an amenity. Pools ultimately add very little to the value of a home.

  4. Remodeling with high-end materials

    Upgrading certain rooms like a kitchen can be a nice way to increase a home’s value, but it’s possible to go overboard very quickly by choosing what you believe are the “best” materials. Let’s use countertops as an example. Marble and granite are popular options when remodeling counters, but the difference in price doesn’t change the fact that they essentially serve the same function that lower-priced options offer just as well. Going high-end for new materials is an effective way to price yourself out of the market or to eat a big loss when you fail to recoup what you spent.

  5. Going too hi-tech

    Gadgets might be everywhere, but that doesn’t mean they are loved equally by everyone. A cool piece of tech you think might makes life in the home more convenient could be seen as redundant or even invasive by others. Even if it is a selling point for some, it’s best to leave those decisions to your buyer. This applies to upgrades as well. There are lots of additional things washers, dryers, refrigerators, and stoves can do nowadays, but stay focused on the essential functions if you feel you need to replace anything.

  6. Installing new windows

    Imagine installing brand new windows and finding out they aren’t energy efficient when the cold season sets in. Now imagine buying a new house and discovering the same problem. Windows can create issues that aren’t readily apparent after the install. If you plan on selling your home, you should only install new windows if the current ones aren’t doing their job properly.

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