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5 features luxury home buyers are after

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The luxury real estate market is home to some of the most discerning group of home buyers. And it’s understandable? luxury home buyers want the best of the best. We all do! The following features, however, will make your home stand out.

  1. Smart home technology
  2. As more technological breakthroughs are made, more luxury home buyers are attracted to fully automated homes.

    It’s no longer just about sophisticated security systems anymore. Luxury home buyers these days want convenience. And they’re after homes where they can control a variety of home features with a single remote. Even better if that remote has a mobile app, which allows them to control their home on their mobile phones.

    Tech Radar has a list of must-have smart home devices that will totally upgrade your luxury home.

  3. Gourmet, state-of-the-art kitchens
  4. The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. It’s also a huge selling point and a must-have among luxury home buyers. The bigger and the more cutting-edge, the better.

    What are the features that can turn a kitchen into every luxury home buyer’s dream? Top-of-the-line appliances, for one. Storage and custom cabinetry made by the finest materials available, with complementing hardware. A spacious walk-in pantry. And of course, a wine fridge or cellar, preferably one that allows its owners to showcase their collection.

    Forbes has more ideas on how to design a luxury kitchen that will beckon luxury home buyers.

  5. Entertainment and recreational features
  6. Luxury home buyers want their residences to be their playground. That said, entertainment and recreational features greatly vary. It can also depend on individual lifestyles.

    Pools, sports bars, and basketball and tennis courts are some of the most popular recreational features in luxury homes. Game rooms and home theaters have also proven to be quite in demand in this market. Basically, luxury home buyers want plenty of space where they can entertain themselves (and their guests.)

  7. Luxury bathrooms
  8. Luxury home buyers no longer want to go to the spa? they want the spa in their homes. And that paved the way for the creation of spa-like luxury bathrooms, complete with soaking tubs, heated floors, heated toilet seats, and a variety of showers (steam, rain, etc.)

    Design-wise, luxury bathrooms can come in the form of lavish ones fit for royalty or relaxing spaces with wood and stone elements. It depends on the over-all vibe of your luxury home.

    Regardless of design elements, the main goal is to create luxurious and soothing spaces where luxury home owners and their guests can unwind without leaving the comforts of the home.

    These design ideas will help you create the perfect luxury bathroom.

  9. Dressing rooms
  10. What makes a luxury bathroom even more attractive? Adjoining dressing rooms, of course, with separate his and her spaces and plenty of storage. High-end dressing rooms are not only spacious? they’re designed to mimic the look of luxury boutiques and lounges.

    Custom-made couches, crystal bars, glass display cases, and the appropriate lighting are some of the features that make luxury dressing rooms. Some luxury dressing rooms even feature virtual styling tools to help the residents choose their outfits without constantly changing (and rumpling clothes in the process.)

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