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How to keep your home pet-friendly and stylish

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Pets are often home decor’s worst enemy. They can be unruly, they leave stains, and you’ll often find fur or feather scattered all over the home. Fortunately, there are several ways you can keep your home chic and stylish without skimping on its overall pet-friendliness.

  1. Invest in stain-resistant fabrics


    Slobber and other stains can be backbreaking as well as expensive to clean. You might find yourself shying away from stylish furniture simply because you don’t want to get them dirty.

    Thankfully, furniture designers and manufacturers are keeping up with the demand. Stain-resistant fabrics and upholstery are now available in various warehouses and depots. These range from use microfiber, uber-comfy cotton and wool blends (the coated variety), to trendy treated leather.

    By investing in stain-resistant fabrics, you help maintain the longevity of the actual items, all while keeping your cleaning bill manageable and your pets happy.

  2. Go for hardwood floors


    Hardwood floors not only increase the appeal of your home. They’re also simple to clean and incredibly pet-friendly. Don’t worry about scratches? they can add to the wood’s patina over time and add a dash of personality to your home.

    You can also dress up hardwood floors with carpets made from stain-resistant fabric. However, avoid completely covering your floors with carpets. As much as possible, opt for smaller rugs that are easier to clean.

  3. Use your pet’s color as an inspiration


    Say you have a beautiful gray Labrador. One way to decorate a space in your home is to complement this with the room’s color scheme. Stick to whites, grays, and other neutrals.

    For homeowners with colorful birds, you can subtly incorporate a tropical theme to your home by injecting some colors in items like rugs and pillows, as well as indoor plants.

    Go ahead, take a look at your pet, and get inspired. Your choices are endless. Best of all, it will make your home unique and reflective of your lifestyle and personality.

  4. Add some pet furniture


    One way to keep your “human” furniture in pristine condition is to invest in some pet furniture. Cat scratchers will keep your feline friends occupied, while cat trees are great hang-out spots. If you don’t want your dog to sleep or lounge in your bed or sofa, get him a comfy doggy bed. Pet-sized chairs and couches are also now available in specialty stores.

    Some homeowners even make a space for their pets. If you live in a two-storey home and you have a cupboard, you can transform this into your pet’s bedroom. This article has wonderful ideas on how you can carve out some personal space for your pet.

  5. Stash pet items in chic storage


    You can use wicker baskets, canisters, and the like to keep your pet’s toys and personal care items organized. When shopping, keep in mind the overall look of your home and make sure you choose functional storage that complements the overall aesthetic.

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